Twisted By Ungrounded Beliefs

“Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.”~Voltaire

I take the higher ground. A crow’s five caws
float through the open window I’ve searched for.
Rest is a sacred duty. Divine laws
like gravity have closed familiar doors.

How we steep ourselves in toxins, blaming
invisible stories as we cough, sneeze
our breathways clear. Some ill intent framing
comprehension. Fear rampant on the breeze

we slam it shut and shudder with disease
invented to control us. At the store
the self-appointed practitioners call, Freeze!
I cannot safely wear a mask. My core

certainty of how my body works moves
me and my microbiome–trillions steer
seamlessly, updating, downloading grooves
of dancing life. We open to breathe clear.

Inspired by the highly recommended book, What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong by David Parker and Dawn Lester. The book is massive, well-sourced and illuminating. TLDR? The four factors which cause disease are exposure to toxins, poor nutrition, exposure to EMF, and excessive/prolonged stress. (Turns out infectious disease is an evidence-free myth.)

Saying Yes To The Mess

Jade and amethyst and breath steer me through
this confusion. Wearing gemstone allies
as the muddy tracks pull and suck and skew
my perceptions. This road narrows, surprise

turning and the refuge that excited
disappears in this new conflagration.
What rises to be embraced, once slighted
and shunned, revealed: the key to creation.

Inspired by: Ally, Refuge, Excited and Jade.

How Can I Tell You?

As the sun flare knocks me out, I’m changing
in ways language can’t track. “I take a nap.”
In the dark, pugnacious, I’m exchanging
fighting words with my reflections. Unwrap

the filters, the false narratives which shred
upon inspection. Witness, at peace, clues,
insights: natural power strips dead
ways. Each slave collar revealed. In the true

expansion of now, I lift my controls
self-imposed despite the stories spoonfed
from birth. A tourist in a strange new land
I embrace the sun. Illusions, moon-led

no longer. I am the song’s harmony.
I bring unstinting praise. Blessings, dear world.
Rippling like light, I touch wordlessly
the change, allowing as my dark unfurls.

Inspired by: Pugnacious, Peace, Natural and Tourist.

Bring On The New Grid

As the planetary grid comes singing
in joy-waves galactic, my own zinging

rejoices. This 3-D reality
can’t contain me. Intentions’ voices seen

finally. My fingers recoil, can’t touch
this keyboard energy, laden too much.

I switch to pen and ink. I sit and think
how to clean up my act. Here on the brink

of the new ways, my devices surf waves
old and clunky technology that gave

a means of control that we, sweet earthlings,
soon outgrow. We create our own. What brings

you out of dysfunction’s comfort? Blood
ties revealed as nacre. Irritants flood

and pummel us, closed in and making pearls
’til we open the new portals of worlds.

Inspired by: Blood, Rejoice, Comfort and Nacre.

Embracing What’s Here

I perceive waiting. To own this requires
a quiet center. Breath like a call to
now. And I confess, my first leap desires
justice and judgment and blamethrower boos.

It’s wake up outside of time while cleaning
the bathroom toxin-free. Winter window
fresh air seeping and the vacuum leaning
comfortably waiting his turn. And so

the morning flows with honor a sacred
currency. I do not buy lies. They bore
me, puny attempts don’t rise. My street cred
dismal and I start anew. To the core

after rooting each emotion in the
putrid wounds that I expose for my worth
my head and deeper than my heart expand
This power is the one they seize at birth.

It’s not out there. We powerfully breathe
and create the thoughts (on what do you dwell?
Or has insidious narrative soothed
you into distraction inaction?) Hell

is over, fun times, y’all. This holy verse
is my fractal of our deepest love. Matter
emerging in responsive universe

knowledge evidence illusion shattered

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by the generous Fandango, whose prompt this morning, putrid, filled me with revulsion–and was excluded from the other prompts. Strange how cleaning the bathroom allowed it to emerge. Thanks, fivedotoh, for inspiring me daily.

This one is in the style I’m creating on my work in progress as I describe the emergence of the new earth.

Big Deal

For E and M

I’ve been holding my cards close to my chest.
Now for the big reveal. A royal flush,
I take the pot. My winning hand’s the best.
A victory dance. Yon player’s chance brush

with so much luck is incendiary.
You can’t wait to play again. We all win.
The door’s now open; don’t tarry. Marry
me, my dear darling. Let the games begin.

A diamond is crucial. I dig you in
spades. We create a new club full of heart.
All the copies dissolve. Above the din
our real resolve. New deal, love, let’s start.

Soundcloud recording here.

Only the luck of the draw can explain this one. Inspired by: Copy, Flush, Crucial and this marvelous end of November full moon (featured image.)

Appearances Disjointed

The Revelation Wave lifts the veils on what has been created – personally and globally. For many, it is profound realization of Higher Truth….Forgiveness is necessary; the heightened dismantling will demand quick processing. Reveal, choose the highest interests of all, forgive, release, move on~Sandra Walter

My life ripples.  The full moon pulls a fast
one, disappears as horizon-glint rose-
gold reveals old architecture. The past
dissolving in the weight of my wild prose.

As illusions rise, I claim creation’s
ambient flow: word, thought action repair
my choice.  My correction.  These relations
out of sync, I won’t succumb to despair.

Praise the snitches and whistleblowers.  Light
moves in waves we cannot fathom.  The deep
unveiling reveals resources new, bright
and unexpected. Assailing dwines.  Leap

illuminates the way into now.  Play
with all your heart, no holding back.  Receive
every breath. Miracles unfold.  Day
dawns.  Alert, our sentries demand:  Qui vive?

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Resource, Ambient, Succumb, Architecture and Snitch.

Featured image is a woodpecker landing high in a sunlit tree in the woods yesterday. One of woodpecker’s messages is: be alert! Opportunity comes knocking.

Keeping Options Open

You consider options, plot optimal
timing and messages, beaming power.

Sauntering in like you’re adoptable
or I’m co-opted while love showers

with optimistic praise. We open
vibrating in the frequency we share.

It appears that we have both been hoping
these optical separate illusions tear.

**Written for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt “opt“: Use it as a word or find a word with “opt” in it and base your post on that.

I see I am the Light

“Who will save your soul, if you won’t save your own?”~Jewel

Addicted to inks, I follow the flow
with supplies to illuminate these maps
of the terrain I’ve encountered so far.
Still it is best to create your own. Traps

say we are rising in groups filled with grace
to levitate above ego-driven
constructs; old edifices weave bold-faced
lies no more. I’m not a herd person. When

I see the light, a modicum of sense
insists we enter now alone. Brace, heart,
your new insight lifts you into love, whence
you come. Don’t look back. The ripples you start

flinging yourself into living waters
create new realities you may not
perceive until the veils are lifted. First
help yourself, then receive all you’ve long sought.

Inspired by: Weaves, Modicum and Levitate.

This white swan on the river signifies the presence of angels all around you, offering the exact wisdom you need precisely now.

It’s Only Words

Sudden gratitude reveals reflections
so patiently held up course corrections

are addictive. Now is intensity
then falling back into the density.

How do I wake when fidelity flares
another rosy path? I hold. My cares

a frenzy I cling to no more. Mortal
and this sacred vessel my portal

and all of these new sensibilities
amplify my wild curiosity

Here at the top of my game, I ascertain
words cannot express tao cannot explain.

Inspired by: Amplify, Ascertain, Fidelity and Frenzy.