Rafting Daze

“Now the thing about time is that time isn’t really real.
It’s just your point of view, how does it feel for you?
Einstein said he could never understand it all.
Planets spinning through space,
the smile upon your face, welcome to the human race.
Some kind of lovely ride. I’ll be sliding down, I’ll be gliding down.
Try not to try too hard, it’s just a lovely ride.” ~ James Taylor

Grouped on the red rocks, we attend

to our guide — Paul, muscles gleaming,

white-zinc-ed nose.  He’s slid his mirrored

sunglasses up to emphasize our peril

if we forget to listen.  Paddle like hell or

perish, it seems, bouncing from boulders,

swept along by the current not yet visible

on this peaceful loop of the river.

I’m ready in my bikini and life vest,

sure to be downright scintillating

when I bring this story home. So

present for this exhilaration

as our raft enters the narrow canyon, taken

gently at first, Paul steering adeptly,

our paddles held aloft, waiting

for the first rush of adrenaline when

his urgent voice demands action.

This is me, lissome, radiating joy

and beautiful in a way I didn’t realize

in those long-ago, pre-selfie days

when I had to etch my memories

deep and feel them all the way

to my bones.  Remember this, I advise

even as I’m screaming at the cold shock

drenching as we spin out of control.

My ambition at this moment is to sell

everything I own, let go of the false

life of work and rent to enjoy all

my days in this river.  Yesterday I learned

that time is as real as the earth

used to be flat. Resolving trauma is

easier now that I can gently call up

the hurting, living pieces and breathe

with them. It dawns on me now

as I welcome this radiant righteous babe

waving at me

slyly as she slips —

so hot! — into the calm water

of our destination:  We’re all here,

like a dress-up box closed and forgotten,

opened today as I follow a clew,

rummaging through it

in response to word prompts.*

*All of these prompts!

Ragtag Prompt: Clew

Daily Addictions Prompt: Ambition

Word Of The Day Challenge: Lissome

I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts: False

FOWC Prompt: Scintillating

3TC:Canyon, River, Hot

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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