Beyond myself, somewhere, I wait for my arrival. ~ Octavio Paz

The language separating us is glued

to constructs of time and space.

Without them, we would tumble

into the eternal now.

And so we experience

our seeming separation,

you, a young brown-skinned Muslim man facing

silver-haired peach-skinned mystic me.

We aren’t even

supposed to transmit this way, you say,

Allah forbids it. And yet Allah also leads

us to this moment, always. I have been

setting a prayerful intention to step into

the next level of being in relationships,

and so it’s obvious I’m right

where I need to be. Reaching across

this desert landscape, the deep cultural

divide in the entrance to Healthy Thyme,

dappled light moving across our faces

from the listening trees. We are connected

even though in your faith, to deviate

and impart a spiritual lesson from male

to female is forbidden. To lessen your fear

of being overheard by management, we head

to a darker corner and try different

words. I spoke to your inspired creation

of a product I need, hand-made, sustainable,

fairly priced. You’re young. This is a valuable

contribution to the planet. My choice

of words implied that Allah was not honored

as the creator of all things. You need me

to truly understand. We are residents

of our cultures’ belief systems

brick walls suddenly visible

as we painstakingly dismantle,

one by one, our preconceptions wrapped

in our ability to language what we sense

in each other: the deep appreciation

that only arises from spiritual practice.

And though perhaps ours spring

from different galaxies, we still

meet here in the shadows:

the sage elder co-creating with the young

man whose heart’s on fire.

In many ways, you are like my grandson,

an Aries child of April, Year of the Monkey,

curious, fearless, testing boundaries.

Only when he feels heard is he able to shift.

And so it is with the two of us.

The diversity of our tongues and colors

fade as we stick with it, healing

the planet by tuning in to each other,

discarding the words that don’t land,

celebrating the glimpses of a-ha!

when we resonate. We smile our goodbyes

after your gentle reminder that Allah won’t permit

you to shake the hand I’ve proffered.

Sliding back, rattling the bars

of our cultural cages, leaving

the unlocked doors open

to the navigable now.

I used these prompts today! Desert  Resident Lessen Monkey, April, Brick Dappled Deviate

With a quotation selected from Ray’s Cool Prompts Lessons From Nobel Prize Winners

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

8 thoughts on “Co-creating”

  1. Thank you, Ray, all my spider-senses went bling! when I read that quote. Very cool prompting on your part. Especially appreciate your comment, knowing you’ve got visitors to attend to!


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