The Art of Feeling

“There are these very high-energy cosmic rays being accelerated out there somewhere…This is literally a new way of seeing the universe.” ~ Ian Sample, The Guardian

The painting I require

will take years of disciplined practice

to emerge.  Right now, though,

I’m standing on the precipice

of a new vision of reality

and no longer trust my words

are enough.  My reliable camera

cannot zoom in on this one.

I have to tiptoe

so carefully on the delicate lines

stretching between us,

every word an invitation to trigger

some half-buried wound

longing to come out.  And I am here

for you.  I am here to the depths

of my bones for you.

Breathing with you as it emerges,

whatever it is, however it comes,

dedicated to its integrated embodiment.

My painting will reveal 

the Indra’s net of our connection,

how our neurons are reflections

of the way we hold each other

like constellations blazing across the sky.

We marvel at our sudden appearances,

when all the time we’ve had

this meeting scheduled, the responsive

universe wrapped up in us all,

threading through our lives in

an intricate pattern briefly revealed

in the fulgent sky at sunset,

in the distant stars dancing behind

clouds, and I’ve got to go now

take out my paints and start

from the place in 3rd grade

where I stopped drawing

to concentrate on the words

that fail me now.


Word prompt: Integrated.  Featured image of neurons from Dreamstime.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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