Much Too Much

All day, the dump trucks lumber toward the lake,

young men who’d followed in a dusty Jeep

present with glistening torsos 

hefting and placing, and hoisting and dropping

white riprap to line the shore.

And at night, a neighbor brings his small children,

watching fondly, standing back as they pick

up the rocks and throw them into the lake.

No doubt he’s engrossed in fond

memories of doing the same.

Or maybe he’s checking

his Google calendar, oblivious.  

I have always collected stones.

When they catch my attention while walking,

I feel their desire, so I provide the Lyft,

saving them a few million years

of potential travel time. 

They like to nestle in my palm,

and we harmonize in the resonance

of the carrying.  

And I have quite an assortment

of clouds that I’ve gathered,

especially when, unaware they are being

observed, they land luxuriously

in lakes, with dancing abandon,

reflecting the sky’s glory.

Opening my heart to new potential

perspectives, ripping away my old

filters, until I am on my knees,

in praise of this endless innovation.

And I want to tell my neighbor,

look up!  The money and hours spent

to haul in these rocks now gleefully

thrown into the depths by your children

is much too much.  And I understand

that I am asking this question

of myself:  When do I show up

as too much, disrespecting the created

space, my only focus: my own agenda?

When do my actions speak so loudly

they drown out the diligence,

the sweat pouring down the backs

of these workers?  Why do I persist

in ignoring their efforts, crying out

for attention to my own wounds?

How can I create the inner space

to allow whatever emerges to be,

happy to watch the delicate

unfurling of a brand new blossom?

How can I help these children

look for the tiny treasures

as they jump and shout across the water?


Word prompts: Present, Calendar, Knee, JeepClouds, Innovation, Potential

And that speck in the air is an eagle.


Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

11 thoughts on “Much Too Much”

  1. “harmonize in the resonance, of the carrying”- I couldn’t help but be reminded of walking and picking up rocks that were begging to be moved- little ones, mind you. I’d put them in my pockets and caress them lovingly. It got to the point where I always had a rock in each pocket, even at work 😉

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