My Deepest Thanks

And I thought so that’s how it looks
When one moon loves another moon…~Jasbir Chatterjee

You thought I was giving you

new lines and you couldn’t bear

to change your beloved script.

I was touching something

much deeper

and I thought it was time

for both of us to change.

And of course we did,

a course calculation that my navigation

system responded to even though

you wanted to fight

about small things, stomping angrily

across the stage, smashing

the breadcrumbs I’d left, hoping

you could follow.  I can see

now as I hurtle over these new

roads or stop to gaze

by the light of the full moon

into a slow-moving stream,

what a gift you are to me.

All the lessons I most needed

held up clearly, exaggerated,

until I had no choice

but to see myself roaring like a bear

caught in a trap,

forced to find a way out

even if it meant leaving

that beloved mirror.  When I think

of you now, I wonder if your moves are still

blocked in the same arrangement,

helping each new costar placate you, passionate

feeling into the lines

with all their exquisite turns

or if you’ve looked into that unrelenting

reflection and chosen a different play.


Inspired by PlacateMoon and Arrangement

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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