Here Be Lions

On our way toward psychological maturity there is a crucial moment, a fork in the road where we must not leave our choice to chance… the rockier and more difficult road of self-authenticity…a solitary expedition into unexplored country, commonly indicated on ancient maps with the warning, “Hic sunt leones” (Here be lions). The beast the intrepid voyager could run into is none other than the devil or, other terms, his own shadow. ~ Aldo Carotenuto

We were talking about that awkward

constellation where egos stormed like

unacknowledged elephants in the room.

Their energetic pattern blocking

forward movement,

so everyone simply walked around

them without ever giving

the name, the space,

the celebration of is-ness.

I can’t abide it any longer.

This path is purely painful

when I find myself

pointing out the presence

of what has been ignored.

The cost of authenticity seems

to be friends.  And long ago,

I gave away my entire library

to the girls next door, happy

to pay the price they demanded.

When my mother facilitated the books’ return,

the neighbors paraded in front of the house,

holding their noses, chanting ugly

names, and I watched

alone on the front steps.

Accepting the judgment.

Believing I needed to give more.

Understanding that my worth

was computed on a scale

invisible and impossible, exacting

and harsh.  And let me tell you

my heart is pounding madly

finally walking into that unexplored

country, my head held

high, and I am here

just as I am.  I’ll give you 

my truth, and it’s fine,

however it does or doesn’t land.

I’m hunting for the lions

who guard my ferocious heart.

Inspired by: Abide, Ego, Awkward, Constellation

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

2 thoughts on “Here Be Lions”

  1. I am standing up and clapping… feeling the power rising up to the top and beyond. There is something in your words, an energy, a space, that, to me, is undeniable. Empowering indeed ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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