Backyard Racket




— I tune in —

flitting shadows

fluttering squeaks.

They’re aware I listen.




If I struggle, they whir off

shaking an etch-a-sketch,

clean slate.  

I start once more, seeking

below the thrumming truck

gears grinding, growling, groaning,

grabbing all the bandwidth.

Filter with fine-tuned focus.

Shuck the highway husk

for a subtle symphony.

Cicadas crescendo 

for my accurate cochlea.

Hummingbirds zip, buzz, 

hum and it’s high noon

on a fall day, no time

for casual carelessness.

I let go of the laxity 



for voices


susurrations of the silenced.


Inspired by a dversepoets prompt by Björn Rudberg to create a poem by first choosing one or two words on an onomatopoeia list, focusing first on the sound of the words.  I of course had to do it my own way, with a visit to the backyard to find the buzzwords of the day!

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

33 thoughts on “Backyard Racket”

  1. we often forget that we tend to get “stuck” in the tired and true words, the ones that come so easily to hand and mind, and although often appropriate and effective, there is a whole world of words to mine 🙂
    (guilty as charged, of course – 😂 )

    This is a most wonderful piece – I feel the energy and vibrancy of all its richness. It’s delightful – and the last line – susurrations *is* such a choice word …. but for now, I’ll have to “shussshh” ….

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  2. I love me some poet’s backyard. I have found plenty of poems amongst the trees, in the garden, or perching on the fence, peering at Mt. Rainier through dynamic cumulus framing.

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  3. I enjoyed your backyard racket, Victoria! There’s nothing like birdsong to start the day. I love the lines:
    ‘If I struggle, they whir off
    shaking an etch-a-sketch,
    clean slate’,
    which took me back to childhood, it’s so long since I heard that sound’.
    I also love the alliteration in:
    ‘Filter with fine-tuned focus.
    Shuck the highway husk
    for a subtle symphony’
    ‘Cicadas crescendo
    for my accurate cochlea’.

    Liked by 1 person

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