Embracing Shadows


taking pains

to embrace all these dark fragments

of beings who simply want

to be loved


rendered moonstruck

in the darkness,

face toward the sky

in awed vulnerability.

The darkness has always been

the place of greatest danger;

that’s when the men come

and invade,


drunkenly innocent

in the sense

that come morning,

they can deny it all.

Night is the time

to hide, cower,

hope that the lack of light

will cause them to stumble

against some tower

of toys that escaped the fierce

admonitions to clean up

before you cause an accident.

The crash broadcasting

their presence

to the population of sleepers

who waken crossly,

with caustic words promising

retribution and a firmer

insistence on scouring

the pathway to your innocence

tomorrow.  And yes, it’s time

to shed those childish fears,

and this is how:

walking through the minefield


saying this is so

and this is how I survived,

admiring the intelligence

of the childhood hero

swooping out of the shadows

to save me.


Inspired by Moonstruck, Shed, Population, and Broadcast

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

4 thoughts on “Embracing Shadows”

      1. I LOVE THIS. Did you say you are writing a book on the subject? Will you talk about shadow work in it? Is the shadow work based on Jung’s theories?


  1. Yes, a memoir/poetic exploration of healing is writing itself right now for nanowrimo! And shadow work is interrelated in it all. It’s kind of an update on Jung’s work, heavily influenced by the studies I’m doing with Thomas Huebl.


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