Beyond The Poem

I parted with that dubious

Doll with the eye

Tracking me 

From the sky

— bearded, vindictive

white male.


by patriarchal greed

work more

for less

while the ones reaping

the glory play golf.

I petitioned for respect.

The sacred planet

obviously female

giving, birthing, creating

deserving glory.

I found the shop

selling Gaia statues

and I rejoiced

because deep in resistance

you support what you fight;

your battles are on their terms.

Now this daily

And nightly

Immersion into a 


Transcending time

Revealing space

as the Construct

necessary for this Conversation.

What is


Interwoven through bones

Sparking through genes.

Recycled Dinosaurs

All of us


In recognition.

What is truly sacred

So far beyond deserving

And worth,

Singing into the realm

Of belonging.

Are you here?

Then you do.

Resounding when I give

My most precious gift:

My authentic 


And all of the excluded pieces

Shamed, terrorized,

Crawl out cautiously

Or wave White Flags


until the First Notes

Signaling the Beginning

Of this orchestral suite


My complicated

Incredibly simple


Created in the space of WE.

Inspired by:  Dubious, Overwhelm, Shop, Melody.


I just reached 47,000 words on my #nanowrimo writing.  So inspired!

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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