Call Up, Darling

“Emotions come, I don’t know why…Call me, call me any, anytime.
Call me.” ~ Blondie

I used to pummel the heavens

wailing, wanting.  Today I wish

to awaken to what lurks

at the edges of my trance,

potential rippling, pulsing

in the magnetic now,

awaiting the touch of my focus.

My grandson demands his mother

call me, and when our faces

appear onscreen,

his devastated wails

almost muffle his mommy,

Nobody knows what’s wrong.

My awareness resting

on the connection in our nervous

systems, I open the container

to allow what is.

This overwhelming emotion

simply needs to be presenced,

the huge wave

sweeping away

everything in its path.

I hear these compassionate ahhhs,

hmmmms coming from my heart

and tears glisten my eyelashes. 

We need

the leisure to feel

without narrative.

A raspy sigh

and he hits the red

button that lets our focus

gently slide out of ceremony.

He’s ready to face his life.

Outside the rain is slipping

into the shimmering lake

which celebrates every drop

in a dizzying dance.

Inspired by: Leisure,  Pummel, Rain, Feeling, and Ceremony.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

14 thoughts on “Call Up, Darling”

  1. Ah, I love it! Having my clinic set up to give room to time with people, there is time to let emotions out and permit them. Give them room and space and let them be normal. Because all of the emotions are normal. Feeling them and acting on them are different things.

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    1. Yes, it makes me wish we had more extended family living situations. I picture the elders in the family holding conscious space for feeling with the very young (whose frazzled parents just want them to MIND while their young bodies have to process them through acting!)

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      1. Yes, as a young child who had a lot of access to an extended family of a few wise elders and a tribe of dysfunctional old people, it was a hard lesson finding out who could hold space for me and who would take advantage. I heal my own traumatized little one as I hold space for this young child. And I really wish all young children had access to a wise elder.

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