Connect The Dots

Word of the day: “Eremocene” – “the Age of Loneliness”; the “miserable future” into which we are accelerating as a species, characterised by the existential & material isolation that comes from having calamitously extinguished other forms of life on Earth (coined by E.O. Wilson). ~ Robert McFarlane

This package of one hundred

trillion cells walking around

nonchalant.  Whirring mind

circling patterns of thoughts

glorious belief


ignoring this intricate composition

or totally clueless.  The ruler of all you see,

these limbs and organs your dumb

subjects in thrall to your dominion.

And the sapient being

orchestrating the flow of your present

while the thing you call

me is out on a limb

venturesome, sawing industriously

after poisoning all the creatures

infesting the dead branch

because the rich gift

of decomposition is beyond you.

I’ve tried yelling, along with the children

up the massive tree:

we’re all one,

watching your fearsome arc

toward annihilation of us all,

and you can’t hear

as if we inhabit another

dimension that you deny

even as you try to torch

the portal.  Complexity is too

confusing, you opt

for simple black

and white and choose your

target, armed and dangerous

sprinting for the

last page, the way of all

fairy tales, forgetting

happily ever after

is the end.

Inspired by:  Venturesome, Sapient, Target, and Connect.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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