We Need To Talk

There is no stress.  There are unconscious buttons I allow to be pushed. ~ Thomas Huebl


with this newly revealed


intelligent kindliness counter-

balancing the temptation to over-

give, that insidious disempowerment

informing my comfortable codependence.

In the spirit of the new year —

my own starts at the solstice, though

I prefer to slip

out of time, promising

abstract paths

to a new way

steps in constellation spotlight.

Tuning in

past the constructs of space

to this abstruse message

hope, impossible to touch

or hear or see,

available through other senses.

Still I reach out with word-ship sails

beckoning in the beyond.

When we meet, I’ll ask

to sit

each sinking into

first our own bodies.

See the thoughts circling

like wasps, defending

invisible barriers constructed

during infantile wailing,

essential for survival

at one time.

Here now, we feel

into the bonds that entangle

giving space to their innate

elasticity, unraveling under

our compassion.  Now here

heart-opening ears and tongues

we have messages to share.

Inspired by the Echoes of Light toning recording and the word prompts: Responsibility, Temptation, Promising and Abstract

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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