Fight or Flight

Why do I allow these loved

ones to walk all over me?

This anger doesn’t like to be

seen, prefers to weave

into my actions — call it

passive-aggressive if you must —

see what I did there?

Such an integral part of my 

voice, it takes great effort

to separate that single

note from the symphony

of sound I’ve created,

the here I am that crashes

against the molecules existing

quite happily before my entrance.

I’m vibrating with all of these

colors: grief, fear, sadness

and the roiling rage

like a serpent sliding

through it all — catch me

if you can!  I stomp out

into the snow to feel this

groundbreaking emotion,

arrested by the flaming sun

sinking into the purity

of untracked snow.

I am lost in fleeting

loveliness — this will set,

this will melt,

the fury calming once more

as I turn and make a trail.

The last moments of winter

captured, the ire tamped.

There are new “no trespassing”

signs and the bright yellow

crime scene tape prohibits

forward movement.  Right before

I focus my camera, I remove

the welcome mat, replaced

with a painting of a silver-haired

warrior goddess, wicked

arms.  Rouse me at your peril.

Anything can set me off.

Inspired by:  Anything, Integral, and Effort.

And my favorite resource when doing emotional work, an emotions color wheel, this one in particular!

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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