Notes To My Future Self

You know all that advice about

summoning your wise future self

to whisper encouragement? 

It’s all baloney.

If you had an ear available

to the present, you could create

a future self inhabiting a different

plane of reality.  But your ears

are stuffed with the past;

you can only react

to echoes that resonate

the trauma you’ve packed

so carefully into the very

tissues of this body

right here

the one you ignore

and medicate

and wish could be

different, more like

the ideal one your future self

inhabits.  Can you see

how it’s an absurd circle,

like a vast conspiracy

to keep you in chains?

Look, the way to free your future

self from your past chains

is to actually access

this moment

right now

to allow

all the aches and pains,

the torments and screams,

the anguish and fears,

the tears, oh, yeah, the sobbing.

Every time someone hit you

and you had to grin and bear it

is a link forged in the shackles

that keep you from 

creation.  You say it feels too

overwhelming to even consider

processing all of this stuck

energy, calcified, dense,

blocking the flow.

Just be here, 

find a real emotion,

just one

or even the numbness.

Cherish that.

It is present

and now so are you.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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