Begin Again

An owl flies through this first glimmering

visible just before

I sink into that

compassionate space we all create,

unseen fabric of our extended

kinship.  In a darker time, doctors

shook their heads, murmuring fatal,

untreatable hopelessness, a hex

opening a dungeon

of despair.  I took my medicine

like a book to satisfy

the soul yearnings they all

called symptoms.  Good citizens

work hard to destroy the planet,

unfair exchange of minimum

wages and intriguing trinkets,

a social-media-dopamine whirl

to forget, forget our victims.

Schooled from the start

to filter out the others

in that fierce competition

to belong.  Black scoter ducks

dive oblivious.

This great blue heron

poised by the dock

before seizing a wriggling

minnow, and then, oh, glory,

her long neck

praising sunbeams.

It’s early and a killdeer skittering

past has returned to mate here.

I gasp, so in love

that shards are bursting

from my heart under this poplar

tree and the lake she blesses

magnetic vibrance dragging me

from the curse of the white-coated

men still believing,

the breakdown forcing

all the extraneous bullshit

to ooze from my pores

and oh, cities, how

can we reinvent you, as well?


Inspired by Intriguing, Book, Dungeon and Satisfy.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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