What Do I Say When It’s All Over

My descendants await my mea culpa

frozen with anticipation

and cold-eyed sneers

at my willful ignorance.

We brand our children

with the cruel iron of society,

commiserating with our friends

it has to be so.

Hammering squares into the round

abyss, following the law

to the brink of our own

extinction.  For too long

I have studied the bones

of trauma with an amicable

rictus grin my talisman,

gone the weasels

and wolves, panthers and bears,

so many uncharted flutterers,

the world paved over.

Children in cages and when

I was young, I swore

I would never have accepted

concentration camps yet here

they are, on imaginary

lines we call borders.

I pay for these bars

and guns and ice-cold

depravity with the threat

of my own punishment

if I resist.  The tried-and-true

are false.  We lock away

our aged, no honor and

their wise moments

of lucidity unheard.  This shrinking

world fingers

pointed at me.

I admit

I am every angry voice.

I am every fearful silence.

I watch numbly

as the worst unrolls.

This is the end of all

and I am the cause.

I am killing my mother,

the earth, with each careless

keystroke as I protest

my innocence, my good


Inspired by:  Amicable, Weasel, Talisman and Mea Culpa.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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