Check, Please

They’re gaming the system

with pride, even as they

obediently take their prescriptions

for anxiety, pain, inflammation,

sleeplessness, heartache.

Playing poker in the lobby

with bonhomie, impressed

that they are making a scene.

Everybody loves us, they proclaim

to the people who know them

best.  I don’t ante up.

I am a harbinger

although my despair in this cold

slow spring questions my value

lost like a whispered no

in the thundering arena

where slaves face

the gladiators’ poisons.

I need you to remind me.

I call out to awaken

you, we, us, what is true

trembling on the edge

of disaster.  I’m naked, unarmed

facing the chain-mailed monster

fueled by my fury.

My fury his fuel.

All throughout the multiverse

beings are singing


to our experience

of each lonely corner

of separation.  This nightmare

tale of hunger, our food

plastic replicas of far-off

nutrition no longer available.

Was it ever?  The screens flicker

with yesterday’s trance-tales

but in front of us, the pavement

is rutted, gaping sinkholes

of decay.  I dedicate myself

to illogical unreason,

a misfit creating new myths,

forsaking the shores

of mainstream with its neon

enticements.  My hunger

shifts me

from the groaning

table, abruptly

leaving this meal


following the new

scent like hope

in the darkness.


Inspired by Value, Spring, Harbinger, Dedicate and this poem by Caitlin Johnstone, One Rebel.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

4 thoughts on “Check, Please”

  1. “All throughout the multiverse
    beings are singing
    to our experience
    of each lonely corner
    of separation.”

    This part stands out to me. It is written beautifully, and don’t we all just want to be seen and receive an ounce of compassion?

    Liked by 1 person

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