Grace Note

Fearless, or so I thought,
I cast off the chains

in my fever, not like the daredevil
toddler shooing me away

to hang from the ropes unspotted.
Death rides at my right

the missing earlobe where cancer
once rooted, this blocked duct

my lopsided jaw brands of my father’s
early-demise-tragedy lineage

the web inescapable so I make
my peace, shedding possessions

that come creeping back in gifts
my prescient gut declines.

At night my breath sobs toxins
draining through unsettled dreams.

What I miss most is joy entering
the forest calm, leaning against the greatest

bark, grateful for the grandmothers.
Now the shrinking spaces every mourning

the crowded-molecule places,
sing in this minor key the dread

overwhelm the fury race
my species rabid descant of greed

this is mine, I belong you
are we giving in tune

melodies haunting and pure
I search the notes with your eyes

our cacophony rising up
no ears to hear

what I miss most
the joy

Inspired by: Prescient, Cast off, and Daredevil.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

3 thoughts on “Grace Note”

  1. Your poems always leave me with questions, Victoria. And those questions lead to more questions. On that note (pun intended), would you be willing to share why you chose the title of “Grace Note” for this poem? I know the musical term, and it fits well with your theme, but I am nevertheless interested in your thoughts on this. No pressure though. 🙂
    Regards. Tracy.

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    1. Tracy, thanks for telling me my words open up questions for you! I invariably choose my titles immediately after I write and let my intuition and love for wordplay steer my choice. And though I prefer to leave mysteries open and create a space to question reality, you caught me in perfect time! What I have always loved about the idea of grace notes, is the introduction of flexibility and subjectivity in musical notation, as if saying to the performer, okay, right here, time is just a guideline, you can slide into it with this grace note. And I love the word grace, to open up the narrative in impossible ways. Specifically, I read this article and it really resonated with my word choices today. “The grace note is sometimes referred to as a leaning note in so far as when the grace note is performed it sounds as though it is leaning (sonically) in the direction of its associated principal or resolving note. Also, the word grace suggest that grace notes should be performed in an elegant and fluid fashion rather than playing them in an abrupt or rigid manner. The idea is rather easy to understand and as a performer, with a little practice you can easily perfect playing them. I should add that some artists/performers do play them rather harshly, stressing the ornament and its associated principal note with the intent to gain a noticeable impact on their listeners.
      Used in these ways the grace note offers a variety of effects and influences applicable to the melody of the composition. The grace note ornament, when placed and performed properly, increases the emotional impact of the music on the audience. Further, the use of the grace note adds beauty and depth to the melody.”
      (Are you rolling your eyes yet? My children used to beg, please, Mom, just the short answer!)

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