Light Dawns

I’ve shed the scapegoat role
worn for years, waking

in this lush sanctuary.  Sunrise
a quail’s liquid quiver

resonates my singing strings
untangles me from dreams.

Usually they dissipate but like this
waning moon today they’re vague

and distant, still visible
in early morning sky.  I feel

myself regenerate, a new version
smooth velvet where all the rough

edges have been burnished by
relentless trauma released.

Birds call from hidden
trees behind this high green hedge,

simultaneous and exotic,
as if time has relinquished an

imaginary boundary so we all
call to each other.  Just now

a snowy egret flies above me.
White moon, white bird, white clouds

embraced by tender blue.
I remember love and joy and laughter,

sweet welcome, wisps of my
night-time travels coloring

my senses as I greet this day
with all these recently uncovered

remnants–so long denied now
trilling, chitter, twitter, peep,

flutter, rustle, peerow, peerow,
cloreet, cloreet.  Sixty-one years

existing with unseen musicians,
and here I am eye-openly deep

in gratitude
lost for words.

Inspired by: Scapegoat, Regenerate, Vague, Velvet and an incredible dawn in this Sanctuary.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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