Round Peg, Square Hole

Biological resilience and sustainability require the capacity to endure, to adapt, and to maintain a dynamic stability in the face of sometimes-chaotic environments. They require the cognitive flexibility that enables the genesis of technological innovations. We will have to think outside the modernist box to find new forms — and new uses for very old forms, just as natural evolution does. It seems clearer than ever that the survival of our planet depends upon it.~Michael Mehaffy

I can’t think inside this box,
the squares curtail the spiral

patterns of growth.  Give me
open sky and stars

clouds scudding, leaves dancing
in breezes. A round place

like a wigwam womb for retreat only
during storms. Anything but these

harsh straight lines, the walls
like cages. I sit clipping coupons

searching for bargains
to keep me focused on staying

inside this phony narrative.
Anything to delay my exit:

a square door on a blocky
garage, roads to the brick

and mortar miles of aisles.
My quandary again is down

to narrative stamped upon me
as a child, habits of thoughts

ungrounded in biology, marching
me up and down in cells

of society’s making, so busy
turning sharp corners, tucking

in neat, organized and steady,
rhythmic and forcing

–conform, no ballerina twirls,
no soft vulnerable curves–

look, on the rectangular screen,
a rom-com horror crime show,

binge, escape, the square
will keep you safe.

Inspired by: Phony, Quandary, Delay and Bargain.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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