Right Action

Caffeine, please do the work–
sleepless, aching head means

my walk is eggshell
calm and careful as this morning.

My pen’s running dry—oh, god,
I just can’t enter the chattering

house. I’d rather taxi
solo on this runway, hide

in my fabricated solitude—
eking out the last ink.

Under the surface a bass
chasing minnows creates concentric

ripples out of nowhere. The movement
draws me out of my pain and so

I’m here for the silver flash of power
into the tranquil air. I’m holding

still on the edge, no inclination
to enter. I propose to spend

these early hours avoiding
my imbalance. So given to

interpretation, searching for patterns
—eureka, this caused that.

My illness forces me to take apart
my life’s weaving, discarding the threads

past saving, going back to the garden,
growing a more disciplined life

rooted in nourishment, soul food
essentials. Daily practice.

Baby steps. Yesterday a goofy
pitbull pup loped into the yard,

leaped into our wading pool.
We burst out laughing, feeding him

into a frenzy until his powerful
untrimmed nails drew blood and

shrieks—fear and pain and rage
even after I scooped up my grandson,

the dog still jumping, scratching with
bighearted painful idiocy. Now

pairs of birds are trickling into
the peace. Their calls seem muted

just to the level I can hold.
All the signs and portents explicit.

Sit and dive deep for the tectonic
shifting. My screaming three-year-old

inside sees the crack
in the crypt where she’s buried

alive. Carry me, face the perpetrator
with my blood still dripping,

then clean and patch me
with big bandages while we explore

the dark-feeling surge. Rejoice
at the powerful opening of terrified

child-screams. Release all the aftermath
hidden below the surface.

Inspired by: Movement, Taxi, Hide and Propose.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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