Let It Be

If something is asking to be cleared, let it be cleared without resistance.  If there is something unfavorable coming up to be felt, let it be felt without judgment.~Kiara

With one closed heart, I fall into
the sanctimonious curse of
my ancestors. Stuck in the web
as the terrible spinner nears.

I’m washing sheets today; if they
were white, I’d hang them from each dark
window to signal surrender
to this closing. Farewell, June fears.

Cedar waxwings are back, they sing
throughout my lines cheerful gossip
and bright red lipsticked wing feathers.
Look up and celebrate, take cheer.

July promises new cycles
round the learning curve. If only
I am present today for this
temporary resistance, dear

best friend rising in dismay at
what emerges from my shadows.
Fathers go to war, return to
teach us. Fiercely battle what’s here.

Far too long beaten into a
quivering submission then locked
away. Even so, the drumbeats
pound inside pain; we’re washed by tears.

I ponder how to shift this tale
of victims etched into my genes.
Blessings emerge when I’m triggered,
delicate, gossamer-winged, sheer.

I ignore this at my peril.
Obdurate denial brings a
hobnailed boot crashing from the sky.
Stuck in the past, each why a spear.

How can I suspend judgment, feel
what arises? Here because I’m
poised for the deep dive into now
my pen-inscribed healing frontier.

Inspired by: Sanctimonious, Curse, Temporary and Sheets.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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