Given To Understand

An octahedron is basically two square-based pyramids joined at the base.  The holon of balance is created by forming an octahedron of light around you through the power of your imagination.  The holon imparts balance, safety and protection. ~ Tom Kenyon (The Hathors)

This sacred geometry pulled
into place faster than drawing
a wild-west pistol in a show-
down whenever inimical

forces threaten. Mine is huge with
no particular color. I
like to twirl and dance inside, free
in an immense space I know: a

night-time beach in Esmeraldas,
stars like explosions of light, the
ocean stretching into deep dark
wider than my labyrinth mind.

We sit with scissors cutting our
star-studded cardstock weaponry,
folding our power together.
They’ll take home these small reminders

of their energetic escape
route, safe and comfortable as
enemies slide by, gaining no
holds. If only in my youth pain

an adult would have come clean, speak
the undercurrents, dissonance
exposed. We are opening the
wisdom body here at the craft

table with their grandmother witch.
Discovery of unseen might
—they’re positive I can read minds—
they flex in front of me with joy.

Their three-year-old half-brother is
chanting a magic spell, entranced
by beautiful beings bound in
the aquarium, knowing this

one wants his mommy, he’s so sad.
The teens feel into discomfort
of being constantly watched and
subtly threatened in ways they are

disinclined to discuss. They rise
to help: I’ve hidden the paste where
no toddler can find it. Our shapes,
folded, shift from their intended

forms, while we search unlikely spots.
We are intent on firm joining,
our superpowers growing true,
our invisible armor glued.

Just before they head home, arrows
casual and cruel fail to
pierce. We eye each other, laughing,
safe in boundaries we create.

Inspired by: Inimical, Aquarium, Discovery and Youth.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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