Pythagorean Portals

(Photo credit: Lithogaia)

Pythagoras reveals underlying everything from planetary motion to musical harmony is number.

I’m playing solfeggio
frequencies while we draw the fruit

of life on the porch. The gentle lake
lapping the shores, Ra smiling

down on Gaia and her children.
My father is appalled. Somehow

the secret freemason lore has
escaped the confines closely

guarded by the profiteers.
All the universe embodied here

in us, now, compasses swirling
precise interlooping circles.

A great blue heron squawks
indignation and captures our

appreciation as we apply color
liberally, brilliant swirls

mindboggling. I watch filters
melt schooled perceptions not

yet hardened in these preteen
minds. I aim to eradicate

blinders with the simple
act of pen to paper, round

and round, eye-opening as
triangles and squares emerge.

Waiting for the moment the
vesica piscis reveals the inner

mandorla. The curious names
news to them, prodding an

ancient part of the DNA,
stirring their helixes with wonder.

Sometimes the busy mind gets in the
way of natural knowing. We

are flowing as we trace
portals Pythagoras showed us,

looking up as almond-shaped clouds
and flower petals open our hearts to now.

Inspired by:  News, Melt, Eradicate and Universe.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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