As We Hold You

The chilly lake extravaganza
morning begins: a quiet pair

of wood ducks carving a single
vee. Nervous bluebirds’ brood

just hatched. A noisy flock of geese
honk over. All this cool relief

after the swelter, and it’s clear
that only if we stand in

I don’t know will our next
step emerge. We can’t behave

as we have always, resolute,
consult a weighty tome to

explicate the why’s of this
disaster. Only our hearts

and the curiosity of very young
children open our closed places.

The admonishment to follow
the fold and stray no more?

Manipulation. Pause in busy daze,
driven by unrequited love,

an emptiness inside. After decades
being studied, we are now

propagandized from conception.
Finito the days of listening idly.

This control word drips with
acid to eat away resistance, that

to coat your creativity with dull
and sticky glaze, sugar sweet

lies soaking you to such
oblivion you rarely see.

How necessary you are!
Only your unique voice

wakes the sleepers on either side.
The brighter you shine,

the darker the recriminations.
Even so, look up! Here we are!

The planet spins through the
invisible frequencies.

They call it gravity
and empty space, but don’t be

fooled. The fibers of
your very being hold us all.

Inspired by: Explicate, Resolute, Extravaganza, Unrequited and the certainty in my heart that I don’t know and we are one will save us.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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