Offensive Defense

I sit in quiet to reflect
the astral ancestors blazing

across the clouded skies.
Eclipsed–forgotten?–by shadows

cast, huge hidden vessels
gliding through the dark.

Who sets our agenda of forever war?
Congress just voted 1.3 trillion dollars

to spend this year, on the books
delimiting the budget for visible

ventures, bombs and warships and
personnel and payments to all

the companies who camp along
the coast, an ocean of funds:

dip in your grubby vessel, dripping
with bloody lies, bargains galore!

All the secret organizations who
masquerade in acronyms and capital

letters take their payments in the dark.
Tired and dispirited, feeling watchful eyes,

at our wits’ end, we crawl through days,
lifting at last to the headsets

and gaming the matrix, entrained, fueling
this utterly insane war machine.

We wake up weighted to the dollars
debt–whose defense do we pay for

with our lives? Industry hums
as we race madly

to the end of a world we’ve missed
and perhaps have never seen.

Sacred geometrical messages of hope
bloom in hidden fields, mown down fast

by the masters of the enslaved. We look
and look and look as what is hidden

emerges. What we see has no name.
We blink in confusion, searching for clues.

Inspired by: Camp, Book, Astral and Delimit, the continuous appearance of amazing geometric patterns on crops, and the House’s 1.37 trillion dollar budget for our endless war.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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