Tuning Into We Space

Everything in the universe is in vibration.~Eileen Day McKusick

Last night I killed
indiscriminately. Thoughtless.

Bug guts splattered. Why am I
here? Radiating the changes

of that dispatched life,
I sit uneasy, tune in.

Riding the waves of meditative
bliss on the razor of

kneejerk violence. Even so
I wake expansive, connected,

inspired by kindness
echoes reverberating.

The tiniest particles
reveal all is illusion.

I walk past
the parts of me busily counting

on separation.
Out into the chilled lake

morning, where fair dinkum
ripples through the liquid

stretch before me.
I feel the repercussions

in these liquid crystalline
bones I claim—

this apparent vehicle skimming
through time and space,

mired in inexplicable
swamps of confusion.

Sounds echo and lights reflect.
Alert for some applicable

truth peeping through
places trauma has hidden,

I sing out a call
for evolution. Climbing high

until the landslide
opens my eyes.

Unforeseen threads,
the interconnected web

glitters in the gifts we bring
to the dawn-lit shore.

Inspired by: Kindness, Repercussions, Dinkum and Applicable.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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