A hummingbird joins me.
Overhead a small plane thrums

the lake, and beyond the trees
traffic rumbles the fast lanes.

The pace is all too much.
In deep contemplation I request

a larger container to sanctify
my fear. I send intention soaring

to illuminate this enigmatic
moment. A catbird alarms the far

shore, cheeping swoop of goldfinch.
Alone, I peer from these ancient

eyes, pipped. My fragile shell
must break, and I could die

if I emerge too soon. Surreal
tymbals vibrating cicadas

ebb and flow in a wave of
sound. If you call me

today, use the knowing field.
Find me in the forest

or by this placid shore,
hidden like the white bark

of the leafed sycamore in the
darkened place where trees tingle.

If only I could share joy
in the midst of this cacophony.

Alas, the rollercoaster life spills me
confused. Caught in this welter

of shame: A normal woman surely
holds her sacred connection

even when her loved ones take
their cruel shots. Shattered

and angry, grief-stricken, torn.
I breathe in the brief

true reflection love mirrors. Ah,
this groveling child, the stench

as she emerges unbearable.
Soiled, abandoned–

no Instagram preset
can make this pretty.

Come in, my darling.
Sit while your trembling

subsides. I see you
triggered, driving blindly

as I question the route, only
now gently taking the wheel.

Inspired by: Surreal, Enigmatic, Fear and Sanctify.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

3 thoughts on “Unfiltered”

      1. Oh Victioria. Thankyou. Yes, I know all about tough days and how a nice comment can lift us. I an so glad that my comnent did that for you.

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