System Update

Download” refers to the transmission that is felt when meditators from all over the world join together for a presencing meditation experienced through a global field.~Thomas Huebl.

My friends want to talk
about God. We preface and

disentangle religious dogma
while crows caw from treetops.

The poplar drops a golden leaf
into my cupped hands in the depths

of morning meditation. In the zone
every breath is a blessing and

more.  What is written has been
translated–and just one leap

from heart to tongue is a weight
that obscures each miracle.

The rain begins gently, like
a patient, playful teacher.

One cool drip in my thirsty skin.
There is an intelligence, high

and available presenting each insight.
We are distracted by everything.

Our way simply follows
the heart, discovers love

behind each bluster of ideological
confusion. Listen to the defenders

of muddled beliefs stuck on the
flypaper of awareness. Past the

logical fallibilities, the
unexamined premises, the sure

and rotting foundation–too tedious
to argue with a pebble in the shoe.

We stop, lean on each other to shake
out the tiny irritation. Our soul

speak is clear and continuous.
The global mind we create coheres

with each intentional moment.
We are surrounded by

mysteries. Abandon the calendar,
stop the clocks.  Study

the skies where stars we
have always been splinter

into a new reality we can’t know
with old-world tools.

Inspired by: Written, Pebble and Zone.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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