On The Couch

My enthusiasm to create a masterpiece
has dwindled to a languid float

down the lazy river, round and round,
just enough motion to deceive me.

Perhaps I really am going somewhere.
Today I break my fast even though

my system still teeters, imbalanced,
inflamed skin so ready to instruct me

if only I notice. Make a note
in my chart. This new moon in Virgo

changes everything. I step back
into the invisible waters and wash

away the fear so carefully programmed
into the interstitial spaces between my

cells. Step forward with intention
filling the emptiness now with love.

From the cliffs I strain to see
the mainstream cutting a deadly

popular chasm hurtling toward doom.
Nothing is as it seems. I let go

of these manmade possessions and my
true heritage appears, undulating under

the plastic bits of a thoughtless legacy,
greed and the incomprehensible notion

that we are separate and wanting.
This mighty song of infinity resonates

in each drop of dew. My neighbor’s bonfire
moves me indoors. Every act matters.

We touch each other’s fields whether
we notice or push by with insensitive

force. The air rings with our true
being. We wake and sing together.

We create wellness in this exact
moment of connection.

Inspired by: Popular, Masterpiece, Enthusiasm, Languid and Couch, the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

4 thoughts on “On The Couch”

  1. Your insightful images spoke to me. My attention was also drawn to the mainstream cutting a popular chasm, as I am sensitive to the mainstream media of doom and worry about its effects on our collective psyche. The cliff sounds like a better place to observe. I like how you flow from the personal to the community and most of all to hope: “We wake and sing together.”

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