Choose The Updraft

Nothing disturbs my practice because everything is it.~Thomas Huebl

Someone unseen is wielding a chain
saw. The whine from the wood

ceases abruptly and my head is
up, searching the unlikely silence.

Alert. A sound can instigate
time travel, echoing back through

a family schism, my brother’s blood
the star. Feeling past the overlay

of legend into the constellation
of us spinning through space.

He lifts his hand from his bright-
red mouth. My mother faints.

Right now a white plane rumbles
chased by three black crows.

I learned to tell stories
of the places too horror-filled

to feel, moving in to do the
right thing, emotions firmly

reined. They quiver here,
stallions ready to burst

from the hidden stables.
Narrating my brothers’ traumas

watchful and alarmed, I could not
claim them as my own, a gracious

hostess stepping back into shadows
as the play climaxes.

This human experience is utterly
unlike what I’ve been

told, what my focus revealed.
All the jigsaw pieces rammed

together in a childish dabble
gently ease apart today.

Two kingfishers rattle in. One claims
the dock as the other retreats so loudly

a green heron rises, gracefully
seeking the furthest silent shore.

Inspired by: Instigate, Schism, Dabble and Unlikely and memories of the chainsaw incident, when my brother slipped from the tree he was sawing and came home with a mouthful of blood and an urgent need for medical care.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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