Ramble Wild

News today: Thirty billion birds have disappeared.
Nine people have more wealth than half the world’s population.

We draw the negative spaces
to release the forms for we

are connected more profoundly than
our eyes have been trained to

perceive. Duality claims the great
blue heron and I breakfasting here

are separate and unaware of the fabric
we weave together with trees, lake

and sky. I am slow and cautious;
she’s watching, waiting in this cool

morning we conjure with pure love.
A big fish leaps and frantic minnows

swim straight to her. She crouches as
songbird shadows flit overhead.

Jeff Bezos has caged our energy-money
like the battery cells in The Matrix,

gloating with the main switch as we
exult over Prime’s free shipping.

Fractals of greed we cling to
a false idea of freedom. All my

ancestors, poor and subjugated, released
into the wilderness to fill the empty

spaces held sacred by the Indigenous.
We crowded, dandelion seeds blanketing

the land. Obedient zombies pledging
allegiance to bombs bursting. In the city

streets, children are marching
away from insidious teaching.

It’s not too late to release our
careful training, to bless unknowns

and hold the container, still
our gregarious bumbling to

listen to the silenced
brutalized in evil’s grip.

The children urge mindfulness,
asking only that we awaken.

We co-create now
with every breath.

Inspired by: Obedient, Indicate, Gregarious and Switch.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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