Spontaneously Evolve

With a frisson of excitement I wonder
how my life flows, setting heartfelt

intentions like a child whose magic
seeps from cells. Blowing each fierce

balloon question into being–in the
beginning is the word. Ready for a new

mutated language evolving beyond the
acrimony of speech that courts me

to descend. I’m inviting impossible
gathered like a bright buoyant

bouquet as I tend to my path a new
way. I wonder how my life unfolds

when I can breathe after a race
in any weather, easy and smooth?

Wishing and manifesting by the moon
archaic tools now that I say I don’t

know. I wonder how I will receive with
an opened heart, barriers melting,

toxic materials no longer thriving here?
I wonder how my newfound gentleness

will touch the hidden places, sliding
into the light, unjudged?

They’re pouring through my pen, these
searches, as I center into the time–

tonight at ten–when I release them all
watching them soar into places unknown,

unattached to the outcome as they wind
into potentials only available to

this passionate wonder that births and
lets go, standing in the space of start

alert for any miracles that
synchronicity might send on the sly.

Inspired by: Frisson, Court, Acrimony and Impossible and the DNA Potentiation with Sol Luckman scheduled tonight.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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