Let’s Play

Every morning I awaken and I meditate
touch deep inner space so I can mediate
I wonder
and ponder
this bounteous planet that we plunder
that monkey mind indecision
by the transmission.

I don’t believe in fate,
it’s a zero-sum game that
we inflict, oblivious
that each of us
pays the cost to win the round.
I now drill down to all the misbeliefs
holding me unsound.

All around the world we sit
and pray, we just don’t quit
building new circuitry
artfully coming straight from
the heart fully.

Global consciousness evolving
with mastery, connectivity:
you can join me
in a cave of virtual reality

Close your eyes.
Drop in.
Drop the disguise.

I just wanna show myself on this ice shelf
thaw out the frozen bits
I’m growing tired of it
my electricity keepin’ it hummin’
my freezer’s thrummin’
and I just gotta pull the plug.
It’s like a drug
trauma masqueradin’ as a thug
in a dark alley
my own Death Valley.

Listen, this is the finale
of my li’l pep rally.
Makin’ space in my life
to open time
bust a rhyme
not spittin’ yet on my mike
in a sympathy strike
just wanna say
right here and now
I don’t know how
so let’s play.

Inspired by Bounteous, Zero, Inflict and Ponder and the 2019 Global Virtual Cave Meditation, free and open 24/7 all December long!  I’m creating these freestyles on soundcloud with beats and when I feel a bit more assured, I’m gonna post the link here!

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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