No Coincidence

We met in that careless synchronicity wizards know.  Car seat between us, his handsome young face alit.  Trading secrets that silver-haired grannies like me hold, but in 30,000 rides, he’d seen the way of Tao. 

I told him I lived on a lake. 

His dream was to leave the windy city of his birth and open his heart to the waves, the birds, the peace.  

He said, “I could live with someone older, do the chores, relax.”  

I thought what he was flirting with was the incantation, as wizards do.  

“I meditate,” he confided, so we both know there are moments caught between heartbeats where we meet.  Strangers no longer, we waved our wands to solve the planet’s woes, just so.  

By Departures, we tarried a spell until airport security prevailed.  Another wave, he drove away.  I glanced, curious, into the mirrored door.

Flash fiction in 144 words written for the dverse poets prompt:  prosery between heartbeats using the line “there are moments caught between heart-beats.”

Featured image using Lunapic‘s Van Gogh filter on a recent photo.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

37 thoughts on “No Coincidence”

  1. I love the opening line, Victoria, which grabbed my attention and drew me into your piece, and the sentence: Strangers no longer, we waved our wands to solve the planet’s woes, just so.’ Now I want to know what happened once they got through airport security! And you wove the prompt line in seamlessly.

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  2. strangers meeting and finding a common ground, only on travels where sometimes we become less than ordinary, a wizard even perhaps. i loved how you created two pieces of flash for me, I loved the one going on in her head most!

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      1. When time machines are invented you can go back to whoever told you that and slap them upside the head. I watched the 2018 movie on VanGogh last night and in it the number of people who actively tried to destroy his sense of self and artistry was staggering.

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  3. I love this exploration into chance encounters. You’ve captured how they can sometimes be magical by your choice of words and actions here. Sometimes it’s also like, “don’t I know you????” and of course you don’t but it sure seems like you do! 🙂

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