Narrative Shift

“Relation is how spirit becomes manifest.  (Cowbirds and robins and geese are here for this)”~My notes during yesterday’s Evolutionary Relationships Zoom meeting with 20K people.)

We who dig into the roots now rise
—first, of course, self-regulate,

surprise each moment as our biosphere
becomes clear and we create

sing-praise the body electric
from microscopic molecule to planetary

thrumming and beyond, zing
past what we conceived as separate

and scary, drop objective reality
in connection commune

the symphony the masterpiece
each voice in tune

in ways we never could perceive
until we breathe

in this precious now
the beat emerges sweet and how.

Inspired by Wrangle, Safety, Surprise, Perspicacity, Curve and the dversepoets prompt, where Björn asks us to write how things will appear on the other side of the current “pandemic.” Featured image of last night’s pink moon filling my night sky.

And deep appreciation for Walt Whitman’s love poem, I Sing The Body Electric.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

18 thoughts on “Narrative Shift”

  1. The interior rhyme disrupting the meter is a wonderful aural metaphor for the emotions we are all trying to identify as we go through this apart, yet together.

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  2. Thank you for this, I related to this, resonated in how I feel world and Dream to become. Parts I have experienced while meditating. Really loved the ‘music we make together’ – metaphor.


  3. Oh! My! Goodness!!!!!! Your clever use of words here had me intrigued, grinning and admiring all the way down the page. Bravo!


  4. Very nicely done Victoria… yes, who could believe we could lay aside petty politics and political incorrectness to come together against an unforeseen enemy! Breathe in the here and now while the sun still shines and spring is upon us!

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