Intentional Life

Choose right now the light.  When I’m in the moment, I’m out of separation and wide open to the vast truth.~Christine Day

In my dream, frozen sleepers halted mid-
pace as slavers in mad glee placed a grid
they wielded so adroitly no one stirred,
hooking each human to thingamajigs.

I dribbled the ball downfield, scored the goal,
no resistance, weaving past each as though
I could anticipate defense, and more,
augur precise each player’s cruise control.

My daily practice amplifies, trenchant
intention’s power reveals a penchant
for light, even though some waking times I
am a novice pleading promised ancient

rather than simply arrive. Metaphors
conceal more than reveal the unknown whole.
This then the gift intention brings, each step
dripping the ever present light. Rapport

attunes electric sizzling into
the ground, moving I am an antenna
surging immense power we can call love
illuminating well grace and venom.

Words are power. Bright alchemy arrows
flame through darkness in a loop our narrow
filters miss. How can I judge myself, fraught
on my horizon, reflected and shared

in your kind face—oh, precious appearance—
awake alit I bring heart’s coherence
open receiving ever-present light
expose separation, lift our spirits

that dark illusion dissipates as I
unfold imperfect perfection space/time
I wield a wizard’s power, deep silence
as resonance receiving now arrives.


Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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