Reveal Yourself

In the city, the path ahead beckons
siren’s call, bright and seductive seconds
on the porch with scalding coffee. Trains wail.
Birds celebrate the sunrise, I reckon.

Exposition of the split clarifies
what fans the flames of violent goodbyes.
This old foundation’s rotten husk’s collapse
long foretold in meditators’ third eyes.

Rejoice! Each step into the now reveals
the way love embraces, head over heels,
even the darkest most repressed shadows
with open arms, we know just how it feels.

Inspired by: Split, Exposition, The Path Ahead, and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt “fan” and the amazing opportunity present for the global awakening as we hold space for all of the fragmented collective trauma to finally be felt.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

One thought on “Reveal Yourself”

  1. It IS an opportunity for global awakening. I think our spirits are rebelling against the horrible racist rhetoric we have been inundated with and everyone has just had Enough. There is hope in the continued marches. Here in Tofino, we are marching tomorrow. A First Nations girl from our small village was shot five times by a policeman in the east ( where she had just moved), who was doing a “wellness” check on her. Likely sending an armed man into a space where a girl felt threatened and unsafe was a bad call. She was holding a knife, and rather than talk, de-escalate, or back out of her space, he fired. She was 26.


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