While frogs chorus

While frogs chorus, a plethora
of pleasures present. I’m quiescent
prone on the deck with salty
lips and an eyeful of sky.

The vista reveals one star and I’m
curious and unlearned before
Vega and Arcturus, Pluto,
Saturn, Neptune, the waxing moon.

All the keepers of arcane knowledge
are reading the stars these days.
Apps on phones plot positions
and half-buried nuggets tease my

beliefs and puncture my perceptions.
Nothing is as it seems.
The sky above Dune filled with
visitors in the hour of reckoning

flavoring this narrative with scenes
well-seasoned. Anything could happen.
Oh, the joy in simply being
right here in wonder!

All the fear is behind me
and love rewrites my her-story
as I delve into the mystery
in the night, the light-able me.

Inspired by: Arcane, Vista, Salty and Plethora.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

2 thoughts on “While frogs chorus”

  1. I love that eyeful of sky……thankfully the sky Keeps Us Looking Up. I love it for that. I love “the joy of simply being in here in wonder.” Those are the soul moments. I am made hopeful by love re-writing the her-story.


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