Living In Harmony

“People are not willing to be governed any more in that regard, and so we want to recognize that by removing that restriction.” 

And so they weren’t! It’s our consent that buries our freedoms.

It’s a numbers game. We MASSIVELY outnumber those who would be our masters—and it terrifies them.

The whole control grid is, in truth, a house of cards. The slightest breath of freedom will level it in an instant.~Brendan Murphy

How do you move through the world with precise
love when all around people are triggered
in fear? You could comfort and soothe with ice
cream or hot soup, secure as life’s rigors

continue nonstop. Do I seem callous
just setting my boundary? Peace is prized
after the long war, while a battle can stir
angry passion. Why not open your eyes

in the darkness, bring light as moonflowers
surprise and delight? I hold wide open
space, deep faith. Sweet inquiry empowers
this heart I consistently put hope in.

Inspired by: Ice Cream, Callous, and Secure.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

6 thoughts on “Living In Harmony”

  1. I love the quotation above the poem! The California governor has said no singing in church services, so I made sure to do it today. 🙂 We are already wearing masks and keeping our “safe distance,” so I will not allow that freedom to be taken away, especially as it relates to celebrating God.


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