Call In The Alchemist

In the morning while the cats eat orchids
I’m petulant despite the calendar
springing. Saturn’s sextile’s jagged orbit
has me in a snit. What fierce caliber

must I inculcate so intentional
begin each day? Multi-dimensional
facets of myself call, in utter cheek
hiding among the calyxes cats seek

–what I insist is mine is torn from me–
and I’m assured, from these stars I can’t flee.
Just grin and bear it, stoic soldier, be
the calvary. Higher trajectory

the only aim, with each breath, steady on.
Seek calmness as each calloused piece of heart
exposes–all this weight so heavy on
the chains I must transmute for my new start.

Inspired by: Petulant, Jagged, Cheek, Inculcate and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt “starts with cal.”

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

7 thoughts on “Call In The Alchemist”

    1. Yes, the kittens are very firmly dissuaded from eating orchids, but they are so sneaky and managed to break in to the “safe” place! And yes, the message is one that I’m repeating to myself. Stay calm and carry on!

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