Arboreal Delight

Trilling his conk-la-ree, the red-winged blackbird
sings in dawn. A great blue heron stalks back
through the song in rainswept stillness. The mere
is silver shimmering in dark. Right here

my buoyant spirits lift with birds in flight
weaving through my restless dreams at night.
Reflecting my clairvoyant brand, the world
advises how my growth can be unfurled,

teasing out strands woven to be stronger–
survive–discarding what serves no longer.
The cautionary tales of nesting birds
contain the lessons I most need. No words.

A predator arrives, ominous wait.
Out of the clouds a swallow dives fierce, straight
to the head, the pecking a surprise. Hawk
leaves. I heed. When one is misperceived, shock

needs must be achieved. Tiny prey defends
the nest unflinchingly. How it all ends:
sovereign and free, as storm clouds race above
and I learn practicalities of love.

Inspired by: Buoyant, Arboreal, Teasing and Brand.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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