The Presence of Angels

Giving each caller a trinket. Angels
watching over night and day. My changes
flow in deep currents. I weep for her self
frugality. Clothes on this closet shelf

her only new, so treasured. I bought her
finery she wore with pride, my daughter’s
. Imagine each furbelow and flounce,
each pleat an added bounce to her step, neat

and organized beyond her death. I plow
through lists, I make the calls. Expel the vows
of retribution, simply feeling love
that never ends. White swans descend. Above

my head, the poplars are trembling. She said,
it’s not the wind, it’s angels assembling,
look there, outside the window fluttering
They are here right now, praises uttering.

Inspired by: Trinket, Expel, Self and Flounce. Thanks to my mother’s deathbed visions, poplars will always signify the presence of angels.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

15 thoughts on “The Presence of Angels”

  1. This is so moving, Victoria. I hear faith, love and a daughter’s strength, doing what is needed. I love the white swans descending and what your mother said about angels assembling. She was blessed to have those poplar angels outside her window – and to have her beautiful heart. I relate to the self-frugality. Mothers often are that way, little for themselves, much for others.

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