I’m Here When You Wake

There is no excuse for indifference and cowardice when it comes down to one’s own life and freedom. There is no excuse at all!~Gary D. Barnett

The equinox 22 advice–be strong
have faith–arrives with a string of fives, long
day ahead in gray chill with miracles
if you believe angelic oracles

I use the tools that appear. The field’s clear
responsive when I wake or dream. Here
society’s vestiges seem like ghosts.
Their messages haunt the wealthy whose boasts

fade now they shun lethal boutiques where
air–somehow transformed, can harbor hosts vile
carriers. They shudder in dissonance
blasting blame outward, find no resonance.

Unanchored, numb, they drift upon my shore.
I offer empathy, compassion’s door
open even when inevitably
they focus all their shame and dread on me.

I walk the sovereign path, now sparkling,
know that I’m an electric being.
Grounded and tuning with each breath, I stand
in my integrity hold out my hand.

Inspired by: Boutique, Lethal, Sparkling, Vestige, the fall equinox, and a weather forecast of 55 all day long.

Featured image: An eagle fishing just off “my” shore. How I’ll miss this treasured lake life!

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

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