Go Hug A Tree

The lies you participate in today become the future you live in tomorrow.~Kelly Brogan

He says the metaverse revolution
is the human species evolution,
charts where to buy in and when, appealing
to greed–I heed the interstice, reeling

as I realize the peril of leaps
the fear of missing out impels us, keeps
our brains entrained to embrace big business
casual destruction ubiquitous

and our souls shrink in the glare computer
the simulated archontic future
lullabies our grandchildren riff
images in deep-color TIFF

I drive to the park and pay to enter
find a grove of trees and sit to center
invest wisely, unprejudiced by games
played by the bored immersed in unfelt pain

My focused funding rooted in deep earth
this present I preserve expecting birth
of consciousness when plugs are pulled and light
dawns in our hearts, transmutes nightmarish fright.

Inspired by: Tiff, Ubiquitous, Prejudice and Interstice.

Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

6 thoughts on “Go Hug A Tree”

  1. I love the connection between technology and nature today.
    I can’t believe they charge to enter a park there. Mind you that tree is magnificent. There’s a large Linden tree in the woods here. I love to put my arms around it as far as I can reach and just feel its warm energy.

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