Discovering We’re Superheroes

You matter, I matter through the ether we create what is reflected to us.*

As the mind-control machine sputters, fails
each glitch in the matrix reveals details
of the malicious intent to obstruct
our genius mattering for we construct

under the heavy chains of our slave yokes
reality. Ask why. It’s all a hoax
to disempower, for if we found our capes
and, dressed to kill, discovered the escapes

the crumbling empire could not foil our rise
embroiled no longer in the web of lies
and following no leader but the voice
unique, profound, emancipating joys.

Inspired by: Genius, Cape, Obstruct and Fail.

*Top quote from my emerging creative output.


Published by

Victoria Stuart

I'm a poet, philosopher and inner seeker. A giver, lover and a healer who studies the heart.

6 thoughts on “Discovering We’re Superheroes”

  1. I dream I am Superman flying, but I am still me and female too. It is night and I fly over a beautiful bay, with a bridge at the opening of the bay. Cars are crossing. The people on the bridge call me down, calling “Help!” I fly down. “There are people in the water below the bridge! What are they going to do! Stop them!” I fly down to the water. “Come in,” say the people in the water. “The water is warm!” I join them in the water. It is warm and the bridge is beautiful. I say, “The people on the bridge are scared of you.” The people in the water say, “We just like the water. They are silly. They should join us. We won’t hurt them.” I thank them and fly back up. “The people in the water just like the water. They say they won’t hurt you.” The people on the bridge say, “No, no! They will hurt us. We don’t want them in the water! They might blow up the bridge!” I shrug. “Well, the water is fine. I am going back there.” I fly down and join the people in the water. I wake up.

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      1. thank you! Flying dream and water and a bridge and night and cars and conflict….could analyze this one a crazy amount. But I think it’s about tolerance and not being afraid.

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      2. I’ve been recalling vivid dreams lately, and without a lot of analysis, there’s almost always a kernel of clear wisdom and insight that I take with me into the day. The impulse to be tolerant and unafraid are amazing gifts from your dreaming self!

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