About the poet

Hello!  My name is Victoria Stuart.  I’ve been a poet since before I could write, making rhymes in the purest oral tradition.

In Family Matters, I write about the joys of being a grandmother, the labyrinth of healing autoimmunity, deepening my spiritual practice, honing my intuition.

I believe each of our unique voices is essential to heal the world.  Please lift up your voice!  Speaking your heart may free another imprisoned being.

I’m here to illuminate what is.  Reconciliation can only come when the truth is exposed.

This is fast and furious writing, written in an hour or less to a daily prompt or more. I’m also writing a book-length collection of words (so far unable to be categorized by genre) to reveal the labyrinth healing requires, embracing the darkness to let in the light.  My second-in-a-row #NaNoWriMo win!  And it feels like 50K words was just to get to the starting gate.  I’m simply letting the flow emerge.

I am so glad we have made contact!  Love connects us all ways, all times, all spaces.