Me Right Now

Hello!  My name is Victoria Stuart.  I’ve been a poet since before I could write, making rhymes in the purest oral tradition.

I have declared December 2019 my month of getting back into speaking my truth.  And what better way than rapping my poems to freestyle beats?

In Steering The Craft, Ursula Le Guin highly recommends reading your writing aloud.  And since cultivating the habit (this is written on day 9), I gotta tell you, I’ve found such joy and creative release.  A song came to me full-blown one dawn. And my raps have opened me up in a way I could never have predicted.

In the spirit of co-creative space, when a friend asked if he could rap my Korean BBQ rap,  I said YES!  And so can you.  Rap my verses, rap your own, sing or speak.  Generally, December for me is a time of drawing inward, readying to descend into the darkness.  So who knows how I’ll feel come the solstice?

Right now, I’m rapping.

I’m still committed to write to daily prompts, record the rap and press “publish” in less than an hour.  This is fast and furious, creating in the flow.  I wish the same for you!  May our uplifted voices shift our intertwining harmonic narratives to the emerging global consciousness of pure love.

And by the way, the silly idea that I had to be perfect prevented me for decades from sharing my truths.  Please let go of that as soon as you can: unknot the noose, unravel the secret threads, expose the cultural conditioning.  There is no future, there is no perfect.  There is only now.  And now is when we need each other.  I’m here for you!

I am so glad we have made contact!  Love connects us all ways, all times, all spaces.