I’m Here To Sing

I am god-ding with joy just before dawn
treefuls of robins, a dog, the wet lawn
urge me as vivid dream portents unwind
propitious in this calm, with storms just behind

in the narrative controlled asinine
illusions and lies and deceit baseline
misstated mandates signed by reprobates–
I’m not here to whine, I came to create.

Inspired by: Vivid, Propitious, Urge and Asinine.

The Learning Space

In seventeen years the Phoenix resumes
like a prodigal hellbent it consumes
and cataclysmic entombs once again
a cycle of doom time hides from our ken

our descendants, like our ancestors, stare
at the reddish night sky–sun doesn’t dare
to watch the destruction, the construction
of man in disruption, the corruption

buried deep where the elite try to keep
power but the hour has come to sleep.
And so now at the height of our glory
in our forum create a love story

and fill every moment we’ve been given
–and not by stacking fiat greed-driven
but kindly, misdeeds forgiven, renew
our souls, remember what we’re here to do.

Inspired by: Forum, Stare, Height and Prodigal

Immortal Play

I wake at the junction between the tracks
laid for the trains of thought which take me back
to murky past I’d fought forgotten, grieved
and lost. Tackled by beliefs I’d deceived

myself there’s no one left to blame. I send
condolences as all these ghosts ascend
released on their own recognizance, tied
by arcane cords of light, for though they’ve died

here they remain, the patterns firmly bind
as lessons spin their way through the designed
labyrinthine game, played for keeps, moving
through lives and deaths, wake and sleep, improving

Inspired by: Past, Condolences, Tackle and Junction.

Out To Lunch

When I was a young child, what did I know
singing nursery rhymes and pop songs
which I learned by rote
and even now they catch me

the dungeon programming lures
designed to entrance inventive minds
implying that hearts can trust
the storylines of time

erasing the spiritual battle
from our rattled senses, blind
to the elastic ether awaiting
our fantastic commands

psychomanipulation seeding
dissonance hallucinations for lunch
we bunch together in another’s dream

wake abruptly
life is not as it seems

Inspired by: Lunch, Imply, Heart, Trust and Spiritual.

Remember Who You Are

Wakening in the game precipitates
perceptions how mass hypnosis sedates
flummoxed by the sensory avatar
saved by a night walk under brilliant stars

and peeks into the windows of the damned
plugged into the programming screens they’re scammed
by scripted actors’ shrieks, media swill
impulsive leaps of fallacy so shrill

and mired in time-space how we forget
we are immortals training, we’re beset
by triggers and calamities to grow
our only mission: voicing our own show.

Inspired by: Precipitate, Shriek, Flummoxed and Impulsive.

New Paradigm Gestation

After I verified the worldwide scam
nefarious plot wrought with bots and spam
fueling the fear in the simulation–
a master course in my education–

painstakingly tracing roots: causation
false premises of rotten foundation,
the luring game’s invisible forcefield
became apparent when I did not yield

To my elation, the bifurcation
of timelines reveals my own creation
outside of the AI computation
reality is my own narration.

Inspired by: Nefarious, Course, Yield, Verify and the lessons learned by the scamdemic.


Well I guess what hurt me most of allĀ 
You were playing with my heart

What will it take to thaw my frozen heart
encasing the anger I’ve chosen not
to release, setting free with a wild sweep
the gamut of feelings a hurt child keeps

at bay, the only display finicky
at the table, my body brilliantly
telling them all chaos I can’t digest
but no one understands they are hard-pressed

the timelines shift I’m in the now I know
it’s all a game I play to help me grow
a rueful chuckle breaks the childish spell
and finally I laugh, the past dispel

Inspired by: Chuckle, Finicky, Sweep and Gamut

Featured image: Queens Canyon, Colorado


Count on it, I’ll give a full description
but you can’t copy this, the encryption
is a multilayered enchantment: life
spontaneous as a flock of wildlife

created creating empowered play
pretending materiality’s sway
immortal beings diving into moil
solving, evolving, striving in earth’s soil.

Inspired by: Flock, Copy, Enchantment, Description and written in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday style to the prompt Count on it.


Ain’t it foggy outside? All the planes have been grounded.~Dewey Bunnell

A cloud descends to blanket the border
between the hidden worlds. Winter’s order
amiss, both spring and its predecessor
confusing all the weather professors

who paint broad strokes of continental streams.
Turning them off’s salubrious, it seems
we face our own peccadillos, no wrath,
accepting who we are on our own path.

Inspired by: Border, Both, Salubrious, Peccadillo, Winter and Hidden.