Woman In The Mirror

It is essential that you recognize how your old ways of thinking and acting have gotten you exactly where you are right now.~T. Harvey Eker

In the middle of the night, chickpeas teach
an imperative restriction. Outreach
of a histamine response. What folly
to forget. I can blame melancholy

and maudlin midnight tales but truth be told
my body’s signals manifold are gold
and I the miner. Draining in the dark
excesses. In my balancing remark

upon the mess that is my message. Clean
my diet once again, my focus keen.
Radiant wellbeing my aim. The game
starts by looking in the mirror to claim.

Inspired by: Maudlin, Folly, Restriction, Imperative and a runny nose from eating garbanzo beans.

Featured image: Reflection in a puddle.

Creating A New Dawn

Beyond the covert op, every human has the capacity to act in ways that change the flow of time, the architecture of space and the sources of energy.~Jon Rappoport

In this instant, I seem amenable.
You believe I won’t say, this scene is bull
since I profess what you resist persists
perhaps I won’t point out the covert twists

which are revealed when standing in the truth
of my own way, my powers freed, unloosed.
I won’t lie low or spin my wheels, descend
into the labyrinth; it’s a dead end.

And I am living, vibrant, curious
imagining, creating, furious
ideas and insights shooting out like sparks
a lightning rod illuminates landmarks.

No use to urge the crowd or stand soapbox.
I’m on my path, uncaged, enraged. The blocks
so puny. Psyop constructs now aflame
my fiery senses burn through with my aim.

Inspired by: Instant, Lie Low, Amenable and Jon Rappoport’s phenomenal guidance to Exit From The Matrix.

Higher Trajectory

“When it doesn’t bring out the worst, pressure brings out the best in people.” 
― Sol Luckman

After every heartbreak disaster
I find a way through the pain to master
those feelings that evoke a rainy day
helpless, hopeless, they stalk. Before they sway

I lean the other way, optimist’s flex
a tiny movement and the dark’s perplexed
and foiled again. Powerful vibration
with the aim to glean new information.

Inspired by: Disaster, Stalk, Perplex, Glean and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt a rainy day.

No Curtain Call

It’s curtains for the archons in these plays
the essence of humanity gainsays
AI. Arcane discovery: how love
exposes fear. Awake, alert, we shove

past the disintegrating stage. Lights up,
it’s all a show and out of date. Fright’s cup
false evidence appearing real. Now sees
the utter waste of giving energy

Let all the virtual signalers be.
In the stress of dissonance, hard to see
while warrens of rabbit holes beckon, numb
and medicated, depths call to be plumbed

Artifacts are obstacles, sheer refuse.
My sacred being naysays that abuse.
Imagination calls, a bird in flight
creating anew, inspired by insight

Inspired by: Essence, Discovery and Curtains.


She said, pay attention to birds, they’re sent
with messages you should explore. Foment
is fueled when focus feeds the fires of fools.
I had to switch wild bird food, starlings ruled

a frenzied flock of greed seized shelled seeds.
This morning, they fly in then out. No need
to crack shells, extract value maximal
convert to calories inflammable.

Yesterday watching spectacular shows
the cackling grackles, suet on poles
summoned woodpeckers, cardinals, sparrows
and jays. Finches, nuthatches like arrows

they aimed to delight. Big birds devoured
supplies. I change offerings, empowered
to feed with discernment. When they alight
today, pick through my menu, then take flight

just so as fear, uncertainty and doubts
clamor to be fed, heckle and shout,
I take a breath and clear the skies, emptied
let peace descend before I sow new seed.

Inspired by: Pole, Inflammable, Explore and Maximal.

*In crypto lingo, FUD means fear, uncertainty and doubt. Right now we’re in Extreme Fear.

Featured photo: These greedy starlings and the murmuration that came after them cleaned out everything, leaving nothing for the tiny native birds.

It’s About Values

Our bodies mirror the universe, down to the working of each cell. Study the micro and you’ll find the macro reflected in it…if we study ourselves thoroughly, we may just find the design of the universe reflected in us.~Itzhak Bentov

Fall back in love with life! Switch your focus to see and go through openings, work around obstacles, adjust to the quickly changing morphic field. Evolve the will, balance with the frequency to override all the new world order’s narratives.~Laura Walker

The screens in their zenith implore me to
stew in the unfathomable deep blues
posted by indefatigable fans
upset by what is wrong out there, demands

to disdain breath, comply, to look without
seductive siren call with so much clout.
How do you look away from fear porn’s pose?
Unplugged, I feel the grief as the old goes

crumbling, each artifact exposed, cries
rejection separates it’s no surprise
time’s trickery hides our great history.
Focus now to open life’s mysteries.

Resolved to fall in love just as a hawk
arrives and all the small birds flee and squawk.
I keep the feeders filled, cultivate mind.
Destroying the old paradigms is kind.

Inspired by: Unfathomable, Zenith, Disdain and Indefatigable.

Featured image: I keep falling in love with bluebird visitors.

Upon Reflection

Early winter night, I consider songs–each
lyric lamenting old wrongs. Dark teaches
the verity of emotions’ roots. Seeds
planted under stress infest, grow like weeds

choking the old ways. We’ve laid down the tracks
and far too long those trains have hurtled back
through painful past’s alcohol-fueled misdeeds
healing forestalled schooled by duality

Today I look into reflected glare
and ask the brave woman who’s standing there:
why would you let this thought survive? In deep
I trace what’s underground creeping and sweep

into illumination. Alchemy
is my true path. Elements transmute, free
the trance, bespelled no more. My focus brings
intention to evolve. My new heart sings.

Inspired by: Alcohol, Song and Verity.

Featured image: Yesterday just as I spoke concern about my ill father, this bluebird (my mother’s favorite) flew repeatedly at his reflection in my window.

How I Miss You

A dove may show up when hard times are ending, and a new understanding of one’s self is emerging. ~Rose

In this construct referred to as time
and the illusory separation-dream
we slip through gaps and slither
in the continental divide, driving
it twice today and sending
unfathomed blessings all through the being
the sign delineates.

It is too costly to focus
on the screens. I worth
I value I currency
the most creative power in the world
can see and you suggest
I pay to–what, sit through drivel?

Unplug, unplug. Know the electric drug
changes you deep within

Don’t touch!

The dissonance tries to weave
a stranglehold when breath
when breathing
clean air
exactly what I need.

Constrictions I heed
balance delicate to achieve
especially in this time of upheaval.

I have made no secret:
I love you true.
Through the ages and today
I’ve been reading poems about you
and the things we would do
and my heartful of love
doesn’t understand why
we create this illusion
of separation. I’m releasing

these restraints. Time and I
work together. We can tell
each other anything
but why
when being now we give
and we receive every signal
and intentionally create this new world.

My Darling Starling

Starlings act as indicators that no matter how dark and challenging things may be, we are never alone.~Richard Alois

Resolved to evolve–which I feel may solve
my searchlight for love around and above–
old thoughts thinking me stink, a harbinger
of the brink. Danger slinks, acknowledge her

I dissent and worse, I don’t buy in, sin
against my inner knowing. If the world
should falter, will I buy the dip? Oughta
place my bets, gain when queer fears blip, outstrip

logic and common sense. There’s no defense
for duality is a pretense, fails
like all the other jails when we break free
and see our unique piece what the world needs.

Inspired by: Harbinger, Light, Dissent and writing by the Saturday Stream of Consciousness rules for the prompt Resolve. I never cease to marvel at the weird places the SOCS prompt takes me.

Counting My Marbles

Whatever we receive…we give it…it may not mean anything to us, but make all the difference to the one receiving the message.~Renee Buck

–To Robin and Elizabeth

At the checkout line in Goodwill I claim
marbles, bright and heavy grandma’s child’s game
instantly transported to pally days
with cousins on the floor under her gaze

back home I wash antique glass swirls sunlit
brilliant then criss-cross applesauce I sit
and sort while humming airs like Auld Lang Syne
a cup of kindness the finale lines

just so I dance through time here in the hours
before dawn reflecting upon powers
hidden from the daily grind. Focused mind
and open heart, creating I align.

Inspired by: Brilliant, Finale, Auld Lang Syne and Pally.