Get Out From Under

Deep in the triggered hold of the slave ship
congested and detested depraved trip
through time the chains are rusting from tears’ salt
obsessed with blame, relentless finding fault

my heart rings in new patterns love creates
as I sort through what matters in the spate
of fear that clashes with my innate cheer.
Melody is clear. What’s happening here

as the old breaks down in the chopping sea
we’re tossed and turned in the waves that release
the generational captivity
celebrate learning to be truly free

Inspired by: chop, cheer, clashes, patterns and written in the SOCS style for ring.

Moving On Up

First rule of healing: Are you ready to give up what is making you ill?

If you follow the transits of the stars
Mercury in retrograde writes memoirs
as relics time travel from toxic past
and beg to be released and healed at last

I strictly circumscribe these journeys, stay
in now lifting the veil, no hurry, play
in the reflected glory waxing moon
this mirror of a crater’s profile soon

my passionate intensity to be
far-flung on my higher trajectory
with profile calm and patient, I rejoice
alive and strong, raising my unique voice

Inspired by: Transit, Circumscribe, Profile and Time Travel.

Training Daze

Between the fitful storms, cautioned by crows
and bluejays from the dead treetops and poles
we somehow manage to stay dry. The wet
is tracked by paws and boots. A new mindset:

it’s clear that she played alpha. That role’s mine
and so she tries and tests and sometimes whines.
The situation is equivalent
to sneaky encroachments by government

just so I meet the inroads, standing firm
to ev’ry tentative assay, confirm
my understanding of my sovereign power
invisible as breath, aimed to empower.

Inspired by: Equivalent, Wet and Fitful and by a precious doggie who wants to be queen.

Clever As They Come

She’s putting roots in fresh soil, planted here
with me, new digs, new name. Granted, there’s fear.
Responding to a casting call she hears
for alert guardian–bred for sharp ears

and so I turn on white noise, teach new tricks
while her old life’s wrapped in a shroud, we fix
our energetic fields. She sits, she heels.
The viewers gasp. She follows my appeals.

Inspired by: Shroud, Gasp, Viewers and Soil and my new rescue dog, Cassidy, which means clever.

Healing Change

Back when I entrenched my passive hubris
the modern way, soothing to improve this
inflammation, any symptom a clue
I’d medicate, unquestioned, bleary, brew

of my own fermentation, unheeded
a total paradigm shift was needed.
There is no magic pill–harmful construct
that leads us–victims–to flee what obstructs

our easy flow. Programmed to find comfort
in stasis, disease and its discomfort
familiar places, we give names to fear
building our forts in diagnoses dear

propaganda dissonance calcifies
we’re hypnotized to ignore our own cries
looking outward for rescue, hurt, lonely
when inward change is how we heal, only.

Inspired by: Passive, Soothing, Entrench and Bleary.

Featured image by Robin Scheiner with Delauney effect filter.

Inner Tuning

Morning practice as sun rises expands
the tender filaments my heart commands
beaming through the ether oblivious
until I wake at dawn fastidious

and patient still sit in the canopy
feathered messengers bring insights to me
I seem to dawdle on the wheel of change
morselling out each delicate exchange

and how I judge my own imperfection
holding a model–whose?–for reflection
until the birds, the trees, the rising sun
illuminate what dissonance has done

Inspired by: Morsel, Beaming, Dawdle and Filament.

Featured image: Indra’s net–not my image, I found this on the web years ago and can’t find the link now.

It’s Nature’s Way

I’m concocting my potions and lotions
in my kitchen embracing the notion
of my body’s wisdom, intuition-
led, terrain-based healthcare in fruition

now that the shipping fiction has collapsed
and eating local means that lobster’s taxed
too high to leave the sea, I eye the cow
and bring my magic wares to barter now

scientist ideologue violence
and ceaseless war against humans silenced
as the banker cartels implode and fear
waves dissonance finally disappears

we ground in nature’s knowledge spiral through
inevitable changes, question truths
propounded by the propaganda czars
made visible as we claim what is ours.

Inspired by: Embrace, Silence, Lobster and Concoct.

Featured image: The first leaves have begun to fall, remind me of the utter beauty of change.

Heeding The Signs

I’m starting to think…”You know what? Maybe the world did end in 2012.”~ConspiracyBot

As the sun breaks night’s hold to supervise
the generous distribution of light
crests just behind overcast sky, steady
chirping of crickets muted and thready

provide the score as the sky explores gray
pearl luminescence watercolor splay
the certainty of looming rain. The hush
deepens. Lonesome whistle of a train’s rush

and rumble comparable to battle’s
aftershock as stunned survivors, rattled
take stock. Knowing the war for hearts and souls
happens right now as we flout old controls

and flounce with attitude, beyond AI’s
purview, our gratitude algos defy.
We know the joy after our sorrow’s pain
welcome the signs of life in coming rain

Inspired by: Supervise, Flounce, Crest and Comparable.

Featured photo: Gray sky today, fantasy filter.